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Nitrogen fixing Bacteria

Use only for Leguminous Crops

Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria

Enhances the bio availability of phosphorus

Mycorrhizal Bio-fertilizer

Nutrient mobilizer and soil conditioner

Application of Bio-fertilizers

  1. For Seed Treatment
  2. For Seedling Treatment
  3. For Soil Application


Bio-fertilizers in News

New Delhi: The government is likely to make purchase of bio-fertilizer compulsory for every bag of urea a farmer buys to promote organic nutrients and slash the use of chemical fertilizers.
A task force constituted for promoting balanced and sustainable use of chemical fertilisers has suggested bundling bio-fertiliser with urea bags. It has also asked government to promote drip-fertigation technique in which fertiliser is incorporated within the irrigation water by the drip system. It conserves 30-40% nutrients and cut down water use by 50%.


Farmers Speak

I am resident of Armori, om biofertlizer helped my paddy crop tओ prevent from pest, diseases , hope to get good yield

Mrs Lalita


This is my paddy field , I am using  Om bio fertilizers for , it helps to get good returns and price is also very affordable



I always use ombiofertlizer products for my rice crop, besides its easy availability of these products

Mrs Minakshi


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